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Id printer systems are far too complex in businesses

I find it curious that a great deal of businesses don’t have ID printer systems installed in their buildings. Many of them call out to corporate for their ID’s which can take weeks for them to arrive. Instead, they should make it so that they can install a system in the building that makes it so they can print id’s for any new employees. Ah well, I guess that’s the way of things then.

Id printer systems are easy to set up

ID printer systems are pretty simple, all they require is a power source, ink, and a card to print on. Heck, ID printers are given that expensive these days. To be honest, I’m really not sure why most companies have to order their IDs from out of the building. It seems terribly old fashioned. Just invest in an ID printer and boom, you have instant IDs. But no, that would be far too easy.

Where have custom design lanyards gone?

Speaking of old custom design lanyards being cool, do you guys believe that they could be cool again? Maybe not as in hey I’m hanging around my neck, but as in hanging around a belt loop or something like that. Personally, I would be all for wearing one if I need to, as long as I got to express how it made me an individual. Nobody likes to be thought of as a number. I don’t know, it may be pretty cool the come back again.

Custom design lanyards used to be cool…why not again?

You know, I’m sure if everyone is given the opportunity they would have their own custom design lanyard. I remember when we were in high school that the lanyards we used to wear around our neck where the lamest things ever, but once we found out that we had to have them on our body, and not necessarily around our neck, they became a fashion statement. Everybody used to wear them a different way. I feel like this is how it should be even in businesses. The idea to attach too should be visible, but why not make it a fun little statement?

What would your custom design lanyard look like?

What would be your idea of the perfect custom design lanyard? Would you have it is a simple single color, or would you add some flair to it? When all is done and done, it’s all up to you, but you should make sure that your design is unique. Everyone likes the feeling of being unique, why not try it yourself? The world is your oyster, design and how you want it.

custom design lanyard for gamers

Not too long ago, I had an idea for a fantastic custom design lanyard for gamers. Now, though not all gamers have played the same games, these that I thought of our very generic yet still provide a great deal of awesomeness. The lanyard itself would have a simple color mixed in with nothing less than five individual colors which wrap around a lanyard. On top of these individual colors would be the symbols for super Mario, legend of Zelda, skyrim, and Dark Souls. These games range from the lovable Mario to the hardcore dark souls giving the gamer a range of games to boast about playing.

Id printers have very little maintenance

Like any other type of printer, ID printers must be kept in in good shape. By this, I mean they must be filled with ink, make sure that no ink is jamming up the ink cartridges, and that all mechanical parts are running smoothly. Now, this may sound harder than it actually it’s. Most of the time stuff like this does not break, but every now and again you do need to check and make sure that everything is in tiptop shape. Other than that, print away.

ID printers solve a lot of issues

These days, ID printers are extraordinarily cheap and very small. If your business who needs some sort of ID on your employees, then investing in an ID printer would be a great idea. Not only will you have the ability to identify who works for you, but you can print them at your own leisure. This means no more waiting for IDs in the mail or waiting for them to arrive from corporate. Consider yourself free from the tyranny of a identification problems.

Custom design lanyards are stylish if you need to wear an ID

If you have to carry around in ID, then a custom designed lanyard could be the best option for you to attach your ID to. After all, you have to carry it around all the time so why not have something stylish to carry it with. You can choose an easy pattern or you could go something a little more complex like some images. It’s all up to what you want and what you think is cool.

ID card accessories that are cheap

One of the most handy ID card accessories you can get a hold of Is a clip. These provide a way for you to carry your ID around without having it hang around your neck, or having to keep it in your pocket. They come in simple metal varieties that are easy to attach and a easy to detach. Most of the time, you can actually get these accessories for free when you get an ID holder of some sort. In fact, I’m sure you probably have a few around your house. If the though this will not work for you, then the next best accessory to get is a lanyard. They have great utility.

Custom Design Lanyards as Identifiers

Custom design lanyards can be just as identifiable as the ID they are attached to. They can be color full and unique. They are a way to identify you as an individual rather than just a face in the crowd. What would your lanyard look like? Would it be sleek and slender, or colorful and broad.

Creating a Cool Custom Design Lanyard

When coming up with a cool custom design lanyard, take into account what your favorite things are. You could have a culmination of video game characters, sports memorabilia, and even company symbols provided you weren’t violating copyright. Watch out for that one, she’s a nasty bugger. But I digress, the point is think of anything and everything that you love and try to come up with the best design you can. Even if this doesn’t include actual symbols, you can still do a great custom lanyard with personalized colors, striping, or even your own design. The world is your oyster so make it fit you.

Coming Up With Your Own Custom Design Lanyard

If you’re working is one that requires a lanyard, but you’re allowed to have a custom one, what would you create? Would you created one with no colors at all or maybe a single color? Would you create one with your favorite game character or sports figure, what about your favorite company? All of these are viable when creating your own custom design lanyard. Think outside the box, let your imagination run wild and you’ll be very surprised at what you can come up with.

ID Edge Wants To Help Secure Your School!

A blog post written by Denver ID Systems Provider, ID Edge.

A school should be a safe place for your children to go to everyday and learn and grow with their closest friends. Sadly this is not always the case and it is important to keep you school as safe as possible. ID Edge is here to help you make sure you can accomplish that. We can help you find the best way to secure your school.

There are several different plans that you can implement to your security system at your school. One thing you can do is issue expiring time badges to people who are visiting your building. In this process the person will have to check into the front office and get a badge with their name on it. You can make is as simple or high tech as you would like. The badge can contain only the person’s name and time that they should be out of the building. OR you can include a picture along with the name. This will indicate that the person really is who they say they are. We can sell you equipment that can scan your driver’s license and will transfer their picture on to the expiring time badge.

Another option to help secure your school would be to add a whole new security system. We could help find you the right printer and software to fit your needs.  A good option would be to have Jolly ID Flow and a label printer. With this system you could check people in, scan their picture on a Visitor badge so you can verify they are who they say they are. You will then have all of their information with you. You could even make the badge track able. You will be able to tell where this person is in your building at all times.  This is a more costly option but it is the most secure one.

If you call us and give us 5 minutes of your time we can work out the best solution for you, as we have lots of possibilities for you!

It is important that you always keep all of your locks locked so that people can only enter the school through one door. This may be more time consuming but at least you will be a ease knowing that everyone is safe and sound.

If you would like to know more about expiring time badges you can visit our blog page and read all about them. You can also check out our web store where you will see pictures and more. While on our blog page you can see all of our blog about jolly software. You can learn everything there is to know about this wonderful software!

Our goal is to keep people as safe as possible while living their everyday lives. Please call us if you have any questions and we will be more than happy to help you! You can reach us at 800-798-3343 or at

How to Unlock Upgradable Features on the Magicard RioPro


Today will be going over some of the upgradable features on the Magicard RioPro and how to operate these features. First off this printer comes with a three-year warranty hot-swap meaning if your printer breaks within the first three years; Magicard will send you a loner printer while yours is being repaired.

Magicard started to build the printers fully loaded even if you aren’t buying the features. This saves everyone time and money when it comes time to upgrading features in the printer. Some of the features that you can upgrade are: Ethernet connection, Dual sided printing, as well as HoloKote.

To unlock the Ethernet connection you would call us and buy the RFID chip, we will send you the chip and it will arrive in a box and look just like a ribbon core. He will insert the chip in the same spot that you insert a regular ribbon. You would close the lid the printer would recognize the RFID chip and that feature would be unlocked. Dual sided printing is unlocked by following the same steps as Ethernet connection.

The HoloKote feature comes with four standard images within the driver. The HoloKote is frosted into the overlay panel of the film. Magicard has patented this so no other manufacturer can do this to their ribbons. After purchasing a RioPro you can go to their website and submit your own logo or design to make your own custom HoloKote.