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CPRA’s Annual Conference is Just Around the Corner

2014conferencelogoThe Colorado Parks & Recreation Association’s (CPRA) Annual Conference is taking place Tuesday, September 16 through Friday the 19 at the Steamboat Sheraton Resort in Steamboat Springs. Booth set up and registration take place in the afternoon of the 16 with the BumpNRock Evening Social on schedule for that night, with the tradeshow and conference beginning the following day. The CPRA show hosts exhibits, educational programs, and networking opportunities for the event’s attendees in a ‘street fair’ atmosphere. Schmoozapalooza is back by popular demand, featuring games, wining and dining, and the chance to schmooze with fellow conference goers. Keynote sessions at the Conference include “Under the Influence…of Stress” and “Purposed Based Recognition: Recognizing, Rewarding, and Retaining Staff.” You can check out the Preliminary Conference Brochure here to look over the Conference’s schedule of events.

ID Edge’s Stacey Lundgren and Dianne Lippoldt will be stationed at booth #33, so be sure to stop by and say hello if you’ll be there! They’ll be passing out very cool product samples, Breast Cancer Awareness lanyards, and chocolate from our friends at Chocolove!

The CPRA is a dynamic, proactive organization with the mission to promote the parks and recreation profession and its growth in Colorado. Through its programs, the CPRA creates healthy residents and livable communities by promoting excellence in parks and recreation.

Photo credit: CPRA

New NFC Technology: Digital Tattoos from ViviLnk

Digital Tatoo from VivaLnkImagine being able to unlock your cell phone without having to press any buttons or swipe in a code – instead, you’d just use your tattoo.

It’s not the standard ink-under-skin tattoo, though. These nickel-sized tattoos are applied topically to the skin and worn by smart phone users and can provide electronic authentication that allows users to unlock their smartphone. Digital Tattoos last for five days at a time, so they aren’t lifetime commitments. Similar to their ID card counterparts, their uses are flexible and offer users a way to save time.

Motorola is the company endorsing Digital Tattoos, stating that they can save people hours of time that they typically spend unlocking their phones. For people who don’t want to take two to three seconds unlocking their phones manually entering a PIN, the tattoos are a faster and efficient way to get into their phones and do whatever they need to do. The NFC enabled Digital Tattoos were developed by VivaLnk, whose eSkin technology made it possible for the paper-thin, flexible, adhesive tattoos to become part of the daily routine. VivaLnk’s mission to adapt technology to modern lifestyles is admittedly pretty cool in theory. The company claims that the Digital Tattoos will stick to skin through showers, workouts, and all daily endeavors. This video shares an overview of Digital Tattoos in use.

NFC tags like the ones in place in Digital Tattoos are an application of RFID technology. This makes the Digital Tattoos successful because NFC tags only have a range of an inch or so. VivaLink’s and Moto X’s Digital Tattoos are intriguing conceptually, and perhaps will become the new must-have smart phone accessory.

Photo credit: The Blaze 

National ID Cards: their History and Modern Interpretations

us idNational identity cards are not a requirement for citizens in most countries around the world. Drivers’ licenses are common personal identifiers here in the United States, and while they give important information about their rightful holder and identify their home state they do not exist to establish that the holder is of a certain a nationality (in the same way that a passport does).

The history of identification cards and materials is quite an interesting one, as citizens and spies made use of them. The usage of the modern passport can be dated to the seventeenth century, when they were implemented as a method of domestic surveillance. Later passports and ID papers gave people leave to cross borders into foreign territories, as we use them today, as a symbol of personal and national identity. Indeed, passports are more formal than ID cards, as they allow for international travel and contain more than basic individual details.

Today there are lawmakers in Texas who would like to reinstate a type of national identification card.  City leaders in Austin are pushing to make IDs mandatory accessories for people. A main target for this initiative is the immigrant population in the state. The municipal IDs would highlight if a person was undocumented. There are benefits and consequences in this proposal, but lawmakers insist that the pros outweigh the cons. Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole explained: “The main purpose of the municipal ID is to give some validity to who you are.”

The City Council of Austin is going to meet in the near future to discuss the implementation of the IDs in the city. Cities like San Francisco, California, and New York, New York already have similar municipal ID cards.

Photo credits: US Goverment Marshals, Can Stock Photo

Busted by His Own ID Badge

Marsean RussellA note to the wise: do not try to falsify your identity when you’re wearing your ID badge!

A man in Orland Park, Illinois, tried to do just that, but apparently forgot he was wearing an ID badge with his name printed on it and his face shown on it. Marsean Russell was pulled over because he was talking on his cell phone and driving and with an obstructed windshield.

As soon as the officer who pulled Russell over approached his car window, Russell’s tall tale began. First Russell said that he didn’t have a license with him at the time. In addition, Russell’s insurance card was expired and therefore invalid. Russell told the officer that his name was “Jamal” and that he didn’t have any sort of identification.

The officer, however, noticed that Russell was wearing an ID badge on a lanyard around his neck. When the officer asked Russell if the badge had any identification information on it Russell said it did not. The officer then requested to see the badge for himself, and when presented with it, could see Russell’s real name clearly printed on it. Oops.

Russell, not to be outdone quite yet, told the officer that Russell was his brother. The officer saw through Russell’s weak ploy, told him so, and Russell finally confessed. It turns out that Russell’s license had been suspended for a DUI charge, and he was forbidden from driving at the time.

The Orland Park police officer was smart to spot Russell’s ID badge. Russell, on the other hand, was not so smart by forgetting he was wearing the item that revealed his identity to anyone who saw it.

ID badges and cards are surefire ways to let people know who you are – and they keep you honest, too!

Photo credit: Orland Park Police Department

A Target REDcard

A Quick Look at the Target Data Breach

A Target REDcardIn the midst of the 2013 holiday season, Target learned that the security of their internal system had been breached and that the debit and guest card information of up to 70 million of their customers was compromised. The information that was illegally accessed was highly personal in nature, containing customers’ names, their telephone numbers, even their home addresses.

Target became aware of the breach on December 15 and quickly responded by employing a third-party forensics firm to investigate, as reported on their corporate website. Target also decided to push forward plans to implement chip-enabled technology in their stores and on the company’s REDcards to lower the risk of similar security breaches in the future. An estimated $100 million will be spent by Target in order to fast-track the chip-enabled smart card technology. The newly protected REDcards and store card readers will be in place by early 2015 across Target’s nearly 2000 locations across the nation.

What happened to Target could just as easily happen to small businesses. Unauthorized access to business data security is a crime that modern businesses may all be vulnerable to, if the proper preventative action isn’t taken. Once this sort of breach has occurred, the resulting damage is enough to harm a business’ reputation, credibility, and leadership (Target’s CEO and CIO resigned in the aftermath of their breach). The technology that the hackers used that was enough to cause serious losses for Target could also be used against any business.

Technology can be your friend, though: malware detection software can help protect businesses from hacking attempts. It is worth it to make sure that your data and the information of your customers is safeguarded. In the instance of a data breach, it’s important to be prepared to respond and lessen the risk of losses. Additionally, we’ve discussed RFID technology and how it effectively tracks inventory for businesses; by simply scanning RFID technology, you can find out exactly where your merchandise is. ID Edge has a variety of options of customizable RFID items on our website. Risk management is not something to take lightly.

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Increasing School Visitor Access Control in Wichita Schools

L-techbootcamp-imageIn some Wichita schools, visitors will be required to do more than provide a valid ID.  A new security system will scan driver’s licenses of visitors and check them against a national database of sex offenders.  The new security system, which is currently being used in four schools, is being tested out with hopes of being deployed throughout the entire school district. “As we strive to create an even more secure learning environment for our students, it is our hope that you will find this a welcome enhancement,” the Wichita School District explained on its site.

Of the four schools that are testing the new security system, two are using a system made by Hall Pass, while the other two are using a system produced by LobbyGuard.  Although they are two separate companies, their capabilities, services and missions are essentially the same; keeping children safe and the campuses secure.

The systems work by scanning the driver’s licenses of all visitors, volunteers and vendors into the system.  Their names and birth dates will then be compared to the national sex offender databases.   School officials are alerted if the system makes a match.  In addition, after driver’s licenses are swiped and verified, an ID badge will be issued to the visitor(s).

The school district has already spent $3 million on security upgrades such as new surveillance equipment, controlled-access doors and buzz-in entrances.  Although the school district does not know how much it will cost to implement the new ID security system, it has been suggested that the price will be added to the security expenditure, and there’s reason to believe this will sit well with administrator and parents alike.

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Id printer systems are far too complex in businesses

I find it curious that a great deal of businesses don’t have ID printer systems installed in their buildings. Many of them call out to corporate for their ID’s which can take weeks for them to arrive. Instead, they should make it so that they can install a system in the building that makes it so they can print id’s for any new employees. Ah well, I guess that’s the way of things then.

Id printer systems are easy to set up

ID printer systems are pretty simple, all they require is a power source, ink, and a card to print on. Heck, ID printers are given that expensive these days. To be honest, I’m really not sure why most companies have to order their IDs from out of the building. It seems terribly old fashioned. Just invest in an ID printer and boom, you have instant IDs. But no, that would be far too easy.

Where have custom design lanyards gone?

Speaking of old custom design lanyards being cool, do you guys believe that they could be cool again? Maybe not as in hey I’m hanging around my neck, but as in hanging around a belt loop or something like that. Personally, I would be all for wearing one if I need to, as long as I got to express how it made me an individual. Nobody likes to be thought of as a number. I don’t know, it may be pretty cool the come back again.

Custom design lanyards used to be cool…why not again?

You know, I’m sure if everyone is given the opportunity they would have their own custom design lanyard. I remember when we were in high school that the lanyards we used to wear around our neck where the lamest things ever, but once we found out that we had to have them on our body, and not necessarily around our neck, they became a fashion statement. Everybody used to wear them a different way. I feel like this is how it should be even in businesses. The idea to attach too should be visible, but why not make it a fun little statement?

What would your custom design lanyard look like?

What would be your idea of the perfect custom design lanyard? Would you have it is a simple single color, or would you add some flair to it? When all is done and done, it’s all up to you, but you should make sure that your design is unique. Everyone likes the feeling of being unique, why not try it yourself? The world is your oyster, design and how you want it.

custom design lanyard for gamers

Not too long ago, I had an idea for a fantastic custom design lanyard for gamers. Now, though not all gamers have played the same games, these that I thought of our very generic yet still provide a great deal of awesomeness. The lanyard itself would have a simple color mixed in with nothing less than five individual colors which wrap around a lanyard. On top of these individual colors would be the symbols for super Mario, legend of Zelda, skyrim, and Dark Souls. These games range from the lovable Mario to the hardcore dark souls giving the gamer a range of games to boast about playing.

Id printers have very little maintenance

Like any other type of printer, ID printers must be kept in in good shape. By this, I mean they must be filled with ink, make sure that no ink is jamming up the ink cartridges, and that all mechanical parts are running smoothly. Now, this may sound harder than it actually it’s. Most of the time stuff like this does not break, but every now and again you do need to check and make sure that everything is in tiptop shape. Other than that, print away.

ID printers solve a lot of issues

These days, ID printers are extraordinarily cheap and very small. If your business who needs some sort of ID on your employees, then investing in an ID printer would be a great idea. Not only will you have the ability to identify who works for you, but you can print them at your own leisure. This means no more waiting for IDs in the mail or waiting for them to arrive from corporate. Consider yourself free from the tyranny of a identification problems.

Custom design lanyards are stylish if you need to wear an ID

If you have to carry around in ID, then a custom designed lanyard could be the best option for you to attach your ID to. After all, you have to carry it around all the time so why not have something stylish to carry it with. You can choose an easy pattern or you could go something a little more complex like some images. It’s all up to what you want and what you think is cool.