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A Target REDcard

A Quick Look at the Target Data Breach

In the midst of the 2013 holiday season, Target learned that the security of their internal system had been breached and that the debit and guest card information of up to 70 million of their customers was compromised. The information that was illegally accessed was highly personal in nature, containing customers’ names, their telephone numbers, […]

Increasing School Visitor Access Control in Wichita Schools

In some Wichita schools, visitors will be required to do more than provide a valid ID.  A new security system will scan driver’s licenses of visitors and check them against a national database of sex offenders.  The new security system, which is currently being used in four schools, is being tested out with hopes of […]

Id printer systems are easy to set up

ID printer systems are pretty simple, all they require is a power source, ink, and a card to print on. Heck, ID printers are given that expensive these days. To be honest, I’m really not sure why most companies have to order their IDs from out of the building. It seems terribly old fashioned. Just […]

custom design lanyard for gamers

Not too long ago, I had an idea for a fantastic custom design lanyard for gamers. Now, though not all gamers have played the same games, these that I thought of our very generic yet still provide a great deal of awesomeness. The lanyard itself would have a simple color mixed in with nothing less […]

ID printers solve a lot of issues

These days, ID printers are extraordinarily cheap and very small. If your business who needs some sort of ID on your employees, then investing in an ID printer would be a great idea. Not only will you have the ability to identify who works for you, but you can print them at your own leisure. […]

Creating a Cool Custom Design Lanyard

When coming up with a cool custom design lanyard, take into account what your favorite things are. You could have a culmination of video game characters, sports memorabilia, and even company symbols provided you weren’t violating copyright. Watch out for that one, she’s a nasty bugger. But I digress, the point is think of anything […]